Coaching business leaders from all walks of life, and every conceivable sector, is perhaps the most valuable aspect of my working life. I place enormous emphasis on, first, getting to know the individual behind the idea, and understanding the stage they are at in their business journey; and then, on adding value in the areas that will make the most tangible difference to the business.

Whether it’s building a replicable model, upscaling, identifying challenges or managing your personnel, I can draw on my experience to challenge your thinking and walk you through the toughest moments as you build your business.

The videos below will give you just a few of the insights I have picked up along the way.

Deb Farnworth-Wood

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I am very fortunate that I was able to work with Deb in my professional career journey which extensively changed my leadership approach. Her unique ability to understand, recognise and explain complex business relationships revolutionised my thinking, and most importantly, my actions.

April Jones - Editor, Beauty Biz

I had the privilege of working with Deb Farnworth-Wood for almost 3 years. Prior to that she was a client of mine in my publishing business. Deb is an example of a true professional in her field. There is likely nobody in the aesthetic industry as knowledgeable, approachable and hands on. I was given the opportunity to work with Deb at a time I had lost a lot of confidence and drive to succeed in business.

Cindy Page

I first approached Deb via Linkedin after wanting to know and work for the brains behind the successful business, Australian Skin Clinics. Within the week of making contact, I was sitting in Deb's office discussing a suitable position for me within the company. Deb was clearly interested in helping me grow as an individual and employee by going that extra mile to see what motivated me. She taught me many things about myself and professionally, I didn't even know.

Lauren Williams - Corporate Spa Trainner

My day with Deb was the best training I ever had. If I had been given that knowledge before I bought my last business, I would have been far more successful.

Tim - Business Owner