Business Growth Essentials

Business Growth Essentials for the Salon & Spa

Has your business coach successfully grown eight separate businesses and built an international franchise from scratch? I have! In this book I explain the core essentials to growing a salon or spa business, and provide you with strategies to maximise your success.

You’re a professional salon owner and you have been established for some time. Your family, friends and staff all think you’ve got it together and that you are a big success.  To the outside world you are serene and calm but underneath the stress is bubbling. You wanted to be your own boss, to choose your own destiny, to have the flexibility to work when you wanted, to see more of your family, and yet the opposite is true.

You are a slave to your business, you work more hours than you did before and your income is not guaranteed. The reality is that you are struggling to pay the bills, you can’t see the wood for the trees, there are not enough hours in the day and your business has become a chaotic with inconsistent results. Or maybe you are an aspiring salon or spa owner feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of managing your own business and looking for help and guidance. Either way, this book has you covered.

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Step Away from the Mirror

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and thought, “Girl, you are looking good!”?

Suffering from pigmentation, sun damage, flushing, veins, or just plain old lines and wrinkles? As if natural ageing was not bad enough, the climate is responsible for sun damage and wind damage … and over time it gets worse! But all is not yet lost. It’s never too late to start winding back the clock.

Deb Farnworth-Wood, founder of Australian Skin Clinics, has proudly produced the definitive guide to face and body rejuvenation. Covering all aspects of ageing, sun damage, acne and other skin concerns, this book is every girl’s must-have. The 2010 edition covers the full range of non-surgical treatments as well as surgical procedures and is written in a fun, punchy informative style. It even tells you how to safely choose the right practitioners for your treatments. This beautiful, limited edition hard cover book will make the perfect present for every woman in your life – and you need one too!

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Step Away from the Mirror
Every Body’s Doing It...

Every Body’s Doing It…

Whether you are sporty man, metro man, professional man, macho man or a gay man… the word on the street is that you are all doing it!

Wipe the grin please! We are not talking hot sex, we’re talking looks! We are talking about how you look, how you smell, and – holy moly – even about getting aesthetic work done!
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