What Makes a Great Cosmetic Injector?

I’m often asked what makes a great injector and it’s a question that has more depth than you might expect. The quick answer is that being an injector a combination of Nurse, Artist, Sales and Cheerleader… here’s why

1. A needle is not a just any needle! If you are one of the many who believe that the application of anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers is just like giving a vaccine, then think again. Cosmetic injections are all about precision, placement and care. The process itself is not a quick jab and go but much more detailed and time consuming. This is where the artist comes in

2. Being an artist or at least having an eye for detail is a must. Think about it, you are re-creating youth, re-emphasizing features that have been lost with age and even adding structural support to the skin. At interview, I usually want to explore your creative side – what is it that you think will make you a great cosmetic injector? Do you understand a client’s needs for symmetry, artistry and maybe just a better version of themselves? After all, its not just about lips!

3. The nurse part is of course essential. Our faces contain nerves, arteries and veins so a thorough understanding of facial anatomy is also essential as is a thorough understanding of informed consent and management of complications. In addition, there is of course essential infection control standards to adhere to and professional codes of conduct in terms of practice, training and behavior.

4. Great communication skills are also key. Many clients know they want something but are maybe not sure what exactly. It takes a skillful consult to understand your clients’ needs and to re-phrase back to them so that you both agree on the treatment plan. Sometimes what the client wants is not achievable and you may need to educate and reset their expectations.

5. Finally you need to be a cheerleader. The best injectors help their colleagues by ensuring that clients understand the benefit of combination treatments so you need a good understanding of laser and related skin treatments. At Australian Skin Clinics, the best cosmetic injectors are committed to their art, keen to continue to develop their skills, they are personable and approachable and most of all they love what they do!